Guitar Building Projects

Project 1 - Build a Strat

Next week we're going to build a guitar from one of our red zebrawood guitar bodies. We're just awaiting the delivery of some new tremelo system bridges before we can get started. We aim to photograph key build stages and provide you with a detailed account of our experience, which hopefully will result in a a great guitar being built.

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Project 2 - Build a Tele

Telecasters are so likeable because they really are very basic instruments. Of all electric guitars the Telecaster must the simplest yet many fine players seem to favour this guitar over many others in their collections. We think the most surprising thing about a Telecaster is the versatility factor. The rythmn (neck) pickup is excellent when seeking a clean mellow jazz sound and there are many famed rock guitarists who make ample noise using the bridge pickup.

Frances Rossi of Status Quo has rarely been seen on stage without his famous Green telecaster and his bandmate Rick Parfitt appears to favour his white 1965 telecaster as a sole guitar when playing live.

It's hard to believe that Jimmy Page used a Telecaster almost exclusively on the first Led Zeppelin album. Roy Buchanan was probably the most well known telecaster player in the world and they've been played by such other famous people such as Pete Townsend, James Burton, Danny Gatton, Brad Paisley and Bruce Springsteen.

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