Pickup Building

Building your own pickups can be really fun, and there's nothing quite like the sound of a pickup you've made yourself.

Cutting Flatwork With A Laser Cutter

This video shows a laser in action mking the flatwork for a Russian brand of pickups named Fokin.

I couldn't really make out what was going on for 1st 2 minutes until i realised that the machine spends the first 2 minutes engraving the brand onto the fibreboard for the top layers of pickup bobbins to be used.

The machine appears to cut many different sizes of flatwork including flatwork for a seven string humbucking picup at 5 string 10 hole/polepiece bobbin for a bass guitar.

Can't really tell whether the laser is likely to be of low cost or otherwise, but I'm sure the Russians know how to make a decent laser somehow!

ANYBODY USE A SET OF THESE PICKUPS?   Let us know if you do and tell us what they're like.


Creating A Pickup From Scratch

This is a great video by Fred Stuart who obviously makes great guitars.

His workshop is equiped with probably everything you need to help build a guitar from the ground up. I particularly like the tool he's built to load the polepieces into the pickup bobbin before he then proceeds to press them into the baseplate.

He gives a clear explanation of every aspect you need to know on how to build a guitar pickup and it's a very informative video in our view. One of the best out there and well worth the watch.