P90 Pickup Kits

These are very authentic P90 guitar pickup kits for soap bar type pickup.

You get the P90 Bobbin,down screws to secure cover and up screws to fix steel baseplate to bobbin and spacer plus 6 pickup pole-screws.

Our kits have a fibreboard bobbin assembly with a nickel baseplate and also includes the braided connector wire.

Our P90 kits will accommodate a choice of magnets Alnico 2, Alnico 4 or Alnico 5 (not supplied).

The thing about a P90 pickup is that they use 2 bar magnets whereas a humbucker pickup will only use one magnet.

There's a great sound with a P90 and they are known to deliver a powerful and creamy single coil sound, rather like a fat boosted strat tone but be warned, they may hum when assembled.

Unlike humbuckers which use a mounting ring with screws and springs to afix to the guitar body, a P90 is fixed by screwing the pickup directly to the guitar body with the two long screws that go through the top of the plastic pickup cover.

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P90 Single Coil Guitar Pickup Kit

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Super P90 Single Coil Guitar Pickup Kit

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