Humbucker Bobbins (pair) Black - 52 mm

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Description: Black plastic bobbins for accommodating slugs and screws for humbucking pickup. 1 x slug; 1 x screw. 52mm spacing.

About this part: Plastic bobbin pair consisting of one slug side and one screw side bobbin in black. These are 52mm spacing units for a humbucking bridge (lead)guitar pickup. If you don't know what the terms slug side and screw side means let us explain. Typically and traditionally a humbucking pickup will have two single coil pickups paired together wired in such a way to cancel any hum normally associated with single coil pickups. If you look at one bobbin you'll see 6 flat polepieces - known as slugs and the other set will have screws - known as screws. This is why you have to have to have two bobbins in a humbucker consisting of a slug row and a screw row. The screws will facilitate the raising or lowering of the screw to adjust for string volume compensations whereas the slugs remain static and will be flat.


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Humbucker Bobbins  Pair, Black - 52 mm 1