Custom Pickups

Our pickups are made by real dragons utilising methods originally devised and created by Merlin the famous magician.

Merlin had a pet dragon named Seth and it was through Seth that the secrets of great tone and wizardry have been passed down through generations of talented welsh dragons who now ply their craft in a long disused coal mine buried in the heart of North-Wales.

Our pickup bases are made from the melted down armour and swords of the knights who have tried to slay the dragons over the centuries and the coils are wound using the hair of maidens that we have kidnapped over the years. We melt the armour and make our magnets through a process using the hottest heating method known to man... Dragons fire!

Finally we seal our pickups in a mixture of the blood of captured and killed knights and the wax from specially bred welsh bees.

We have 3 main key personnel amongst our dragons who supervise the quality of our manufacturing and testing processes..

Leo Fendragon is our chief designer and pickup engineer who states how the pickup should be constructed.
Our pickups are manufactured and tested by 2 important dragons; Slash Dragon and BeeBee. Our foreman is Llewellyn or Llew for short.

BeeBee is responsible for testing our Blue and Green pickups and Slash Dragon looks after the production of the Black and Red pickups.

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