Copper Plated Steel Baseplate for Telecaster Bridge Pickup

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Description: Copper coated steel baseplate for telecaster style bridge pickup. 3 drilled holes. 1.5mm thickness. Tapped for screw thread.

About this part: These copper coated steel baseplates are just what you need to build an authentic 50's telecaster pickup. Sourcing these items in Europe is very difficult so grab them while you can because they are a very specialised guitar component. They are thick and will no doubt add a lot of beef to the sound of the pickup you are going to make. Leo experimented with different metals for the baseplates and eventually settled on steel baseplates coated with copper as opposed to all copper baseplates. We recommend that this guitar part should be affixed to the fibreboard baseplate with superglue or an epoxy resin type glue. Clamp them or place in a vice until bonding is complete.


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