Dragon Guitar Parts is a new venture set up in 2014 by guitar enthusiasts for guitar enthusiasts.

We aim to appeal to guitarists who want something a bit special and who realise the benefits of building a guitar to their bespoke requirements rather than buy one off the shelf, often at a greatly inflated price.

Building a guitar is not difficult. Using the resources available through this site you can think of it as guitar assembly rather than building. All the hard work has already been undertaken so there's no machining or tooling to be done. As long as you can use a screwdriver and a soldering iron you can build a guitar, and not just a bog standard one. Your guitar will look fantastic and play and sound beatutifully too. Plus it will be unique and will not have cost you Custom Shop prices.

In addition, we want to provide a unique service to customers who may be involved in pickup making; whether on a hobby or more professional basis. We've realised that the availabilty of decent well made and reasonably priced parts for assembling your own pickups are difficult to source in the UK and Europe so we have gone that extra mile for you by putting together an excellent range of components at great prices to enable you to have a go at creating your own guitar pickups.

Some of our customers are making very nice pickups too and they obviously have a flair for making pickups that are off the norm. We therefore would wish to put you in touch with some of our customers and in furtherance of this we will be markting their wares on this website too.

Alternatively we have also sourced some good reasonably priced pickups which will deliver quality and value to you and we also shortly intend to sell our own brand pickups from this site in the near future.

Please also get in touch with us if you are a pickup builder and want us to source anything that we do not appear to stock. We can create bespoke orders especially for you when we order our regular stock.

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